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Green Saudi Exchange Vision 2030

Plant a Better Future: Trade and Grow

Trade carbon credits and offset emissions by planting trees with our blockchain platform. A simple way to contribute to a greener earth.

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Projects database 01

The platform maintains a database of projects that generate carbon credits, including information about the type of project, the amount of carbon reduction achieved, and the number of credits generated. This information can be used by buyers to evaluate the quality and impact of different projects.

Carbon credit tracking 02

The platform tracks the number of carbon credits generated, bought, and sold by each participant. This helps to ensure that the credits are properly accounted for and that the marketplace remains transparent and secure.

Online marketplace 03

The platform provides a centralized platform for the buying and selling of carbon credits. This can include a searchable database of available credits and a user-friendly interface for making transactions.

The most important thing that distinguishes us in Saudi Arabia is Green Vision 2030

The platform provides reporting tools to help participants track their carbon emissions and reductions, as well as to demonstrate the impact of their participation in the platform.
The platform may have a certification process to ensure that carbon credits are generated through legitimate, verified projects. This helps to increase the credibility and value of the credits.
The platform includes security measures to ensure that transactions are secure and that sensitive information is protected.

Green Projects

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King Salman Park Project
Riyadh Projects
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Green Riyadh Project
Riyadh Projects
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Reforestation support initiative
Riyadh Projects
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Volunteering and community participation
Riyadh Projects
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Imam Turki Bin Abdullah afforestation campaign
Riyadh Projects
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